A Few Months of My Life

Job – Great.

Boyfriend – Great.

Apartment – Great.

Church – Great.

Those are the easy things. And I can explain:

I work at the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. Which I didn’t have a clue about before I started the job. I’ll have been there for a year on April 2nd. I love being downtown in the middle of everything. Lexington is seeming less and less like the big city I thought it was compared to Mt. Washington. The office prosecutes all of the felony cases in Fayette County. I do all of the evidence for the cases, I have to copy it and pass it on to defense attorneys. Obviously, it can get pretty exciting at times. I sat behind a murderer the other day! EEEKK! My technical title is “Communications Coordinator”, so I also do social media stuff and the website (where my degree finally comes into play). I actually just re-designed the whole website- – if you want to check it out!

My lease is up at the end of December, and I’m not sure what’s going to happen at that point. I’ve been casually looking at houses, but that’s making me a little nervous. Living with Stacey has been great, but I’m feeling about ready to live by myself. And she is still with Nick, yes. He’s on his way over right now for pizza. 🙂 We all hang out all the time, and Paul is super cool about it.

He’s all-around super-cool. His family has a “farm” too, really it’s more like a regular farm. haha. Paul’s no longer interested in Vet school, so we’re kind of dealing with that right now. It’s looking like his next endeavor will be becoming a “partner” (back to the quotation marks again) in an already existing landscaping company that’s trying to expand. Small business is scary, but they’re all excited about it.

Ally, any news on Teach for America stuff?? When you say next year, what does that mean? August? January? I’m just saying…. Lexington it a great place to settle for a while!

Paul and I just started to get involved at Southland. The 608 church, ya know? We’re working in the nursery, Paul’s doing some work with delivering furniture donations, and I’m trying to plug in to the prison ministry. I think some of my connections at work are going to be helpful for it.

Someone was telling me the other day that they paid someone on Etsy $15.00 to design a wedding shower invitation. She just picked out a design that was posted on the site and had the information changed to fit the event. I was like – I could do that! So, I’m starting an Etsy shop. Haven’t thought of a name yet, so any suggestions are welcome.

By the way, Kentucky weather has royally sucked for the past few weeks. Be glad you’re both missing it!

And one more thing:

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At least we’re trying.

  • Adrienne Bartlett

    Happy almost Christmas! Missing you lovely ladies and just thought I’d see how you were both doing and what you’ll be up to over the holidays  So sorry that I’ve been horrendous at keeping in touch lately! The past term ended with a crazy bang – thankful for a bit of holiday break to catch my breath! Am now with Patrick’s family in Derby for Christmas….we just spent the past weekend in Wales (they have a house in the mountains there) and it was so lovely. As much as I love Edinburgh, it’s so nice to get a change of scene and to be within a family atmosphere, even if it’s away from home 

    Hope all is well with you and yours, thinking of you both and your gentlemen and your families! Update me if/when you have time  Lots of love!! xxxxxxx


    I miss you all too. We’ve all been horrendous at keeping in touch. Me and Allison were in the same freaking room for songfest/homecoming and never found each other!

    So glad your school’s going well adrienne! & your boy! I wish I could meet him.  What country are you in for New Year’s?! Sounds like you’re getting to do lots of great travelling! Jealous, that stage in my life was a little too short-lived.

    Ally, how was Disney? I feel like that was a long time ago, but I never really saw any pictures or anything.

    Work’s going great for me, and I just signed another lease on my apartment (with my friend from high school, Stacey. I think you both met her at least once). So I’ll be in Lexington at least until next December.

    Have a **lovely** New Year’s Eve! Love you both so much.


  • I’m so slow.

    Happy New Year! and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    I’m so glad to hear you two are doing well!!! Adrienne you’re a regular world traveller! That’s so great! How is school going for you?? How is Edinburgh?? Fab I’m sure. How long have you been with Patrick now? I agree with Abby — I wish I could meet him!

    Haha Abby that was ridiculous! I guess I went to look for you at the Sigma house at the same time you came to look for me! We must have barely missed each other. I’ll let you know next time I’m in Lex and we MUST meet up. Disney was fantastic! Lol it was Christmas last year, actually. What is your work exactly?? That’s so fun you’re living with Stacey! Is she still with Nick? What about Paul? How are things in that area?

    Things in Atlanta are good! We’re trying to figure out what we’ll be doing next year and where because TFA is up in May. We’re both applying for jobs on staff with TFA which could really take us anywhere (possibly even separately  ) but it’s suuuuper competitive so it’s probably likely one or both of us might not get the jobs we’re looking at. So we could be back in KY next year or we could be anywhere. It just depends. Did I tell you all my parents moved to a “farm” in Maysville?? Technically it’s in Mt. Olivet which is 30 minutes outside of Maysville. I went to visit over Christmas break. Their house is really nice but it’s weird to not go home to Cincinnati anymore. I say “farm” in quotes because it’s 25 acres of mostly woods but they really love it and they’re happy so that’s all that matters.

    I miss you both SO SO much. We should all try to skype sometime

    Love you!

Seen by everyone

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Almost a year later…

Here’s my October post as promised 🙂

I’m not even sure where to begin!  This summer I found out about a month before school that I was moving to a middle school because CK didn’t have enough kids with disabilities.  So now I’m teaching resource math to 6th and 7th graders. SO different.  But fortunately it’s the middle school that feeds into my high school so it’s the same kinds of kids and I have several siblings and cousins of my other students.

My familia has gone loco.  Haha. My parents moved to Maysville on a farm and sold my house in Cincy.  Sad, sad times.  The worst part is that I didn’t even get to go through it knowing it would be the last time.  BUT my parents are happy and excited and stuff so that’s good.  My brother is still living in Cincy with our cousin so…that’s different.

JM and I are fantastic 🙂  It feels weird to be updating you all on almost a year’s worth of stuff…haha. Living together was a great decision.  We definitely are a million times closer than we ever were in college, so I’m definitely thankful for this decision and experience.

As far as what we’ll do afterward, I’m not so sure.  Teaching has made me realize I don’t think I’m called to teach anymore.  I am super passionate about education and the achievement gap, etc. but I’m just not so sure that’s where I need to be.  I’m hoping to go on staff for TFA next year so hopefully that will give me more direction.

Ladies, every time I see pictures or facebook statuses it makes me SO SAD that we never see each other! ABBY I can’t even believe we missed each other at Songfest! We must have just missed each other during homecoming brunch! And Adrienne I hope everything is going well in whatever exotic country you’re in right now 😉  Now time for you all to update!

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Putting Down Roots

So here are the nitty gritty details.

Right now I’m teaching Special Ed. in a 9th grade English class and an Environmental Science class (bleck. to science).  It’s so strange to come in every day knowing the battles my kids are going through. Brief info about some of my kids will be sent via other means…

Yet despite all of that, my kids show up every day, put smiles on their faces, and make an attempt.  The thing that I find so unbelievable is the amount of grownup problems they have, yet they are still kids.  You can see it in their faces when something new clicks, they’re demeanor when they’re frustrated and don’t understand something, or the relief when it hits them that someone truly cares about them.  Up until this point in my life I’ve always considered myself a pretty worldly person.  Obviously not to the point that you all are, being world travelers.  But I’ve always thought that even if I didn’t have a lot of experience, I at least knew what all was out there.

How wrong I was.

A few weeks ago JM and I went back for Blair’s wedding, and it was funny because on the way home we both talked about how weird it was to be surrounded by white people again.  It was almost a culture shock.  Clearly I’m not saying I understand what it is like to be hispanic in this country, however, being constantly surrounded by a different set of people really does a shock to the system.  And I’m sure you all are experiencing something similar.

JM and I have really been putting down roots in the ATL.  I’m head coach for the volleyball team next year (yay!) and JM is coaching soccer!  I’m hopefully going to coach club volleyball as well, and one of my friends from work and I are starting a mentoring program for seniors to mentor freshmen.  Hopefully that will help a little with retention.  It’s crazy because we have like, 300 freshmen and only about 100 seniors.  It’s really sad…But I digress.  Things with JM are really really good. Honestly, better than they’ve ever been. And living together is working out a lot better than I had ever imagined.  I was so nervous about us getting sick of each other or needing space or fighting a lot, but none of those things have happened.  And we’ve gotten accustomed to each other’s little habits a lot better so I know how to deal with them more.  It’s wonderful 🙂

So…PLEASE update me (and the rest of the world) on the nitty gritty details of your lives! Abs, how is learning Dutch? Keep on posting pictures! And details on the boy? Rocky (it’s been awhile since I’ve called you that!), how goes teaching? Still talking to yourself in the shower? I bet your kids are in love with you by now! And ps, you should have been so proud of Chris at Songfest! I know I texted you but I just thought I should let you know again.  He would probably think it’s creepy I knew which one he was since I think I maybe have met him once…but that’s okay 😉

I miss you all a lot.  JM and I talked earlier today, and I think I’m going to start saving my money for a possible summer (or spring break!) visit.  Which means, Rock, how long are you in Limoges?  And Abs will you be in the States all summer? I guess we can work out all the details later…but just a thought. Love and miss you both like crazy!


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Nerves = French convos in the shower.

Just an update of sorts…

Countdown: 12 days until I leave for Rhode Island to spend my last bit of time State-side with family and then some friends in Boston; 18 days until I hop a plane in Boston to fly to Dublin and then to Paris (and then train it to Limoges); 25 days until the work contract officially starts; and maybe 24 hours or so before I have a nervy breakdown 🙂

Truth: I was so nervous today just thinking about how poor my spoken French is…that when I hopped into the shower after work – before I even realized what I was doing – I found myself starting to talk fairly loudly in French (to myself in the shower).

Abbygail, how was your first Dutch lesson?? I might try to start Dutch as my next language (once the French is properly nailed down – hopefully it will be after a year of cultural submersion, or I really will be lame…). I figure I should, since it’s in my family.

Al Gal…I may be coming to you soon to ask for wise teacher advice…hope everything is continuing as well as it has started for you!

And the Most Important News: I also have a countdown for the release date of the FIFTH Coldplay album – Mylo Xyloto! – which will be October 24th in Europe and 25th in the States. No worries, instead of spending my time wisely by looking up useful information like train tickets and banking details for France, I have instead been tirelessly Google-mapping my area in Limoges for good music stores that might sell this album the day it comes out. Skewed priorities much? 🙂

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Today was Chris’s big move into Georgetown. Do you all remember when we were moving in as freshmen?? Practically straight from Directions. Which is what Chris did as well, funnily enough 🙂
Anyways, the move-in was hopefully exciting for him…the start of something unknown and fresh. For me, it was a trip down Memory Lane. Miss you guys.

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In Omnia Paratus.

So I am super behind the eight-ball on this!  Sounds like you all are having great summers so far…and are successfully preparing for the jobs/adventures that face us this fall!…

Essentially, I’ve been spending this summer preparing too.  I’m still teaching tennis at the tennis center by the Louisville Zoo – and it’s been such a hot one this summer!  Two weeks in a row, it hit 95-100+ degrees out there on the tennis courts during the day.  The other coaches and myself were all so hot and sweaty that when the clay court sprinklers turned on (they’re turned on for about ten seconds every so often so that the clay courts don’t dry out!), we were seriously pushing the wee 4 and 5 year old kiddies out of the way so that we could get some sprinkler time ourselves!  Selfish of us, I know.  Like we were on Survivor or something.  And we honestly looked no different afterwards than we did before…soaked with sweat, soaked with water. 😦

Anyways, I’m working to save up as much money as I can before the move to Limoges at the end of September.  After receiving my arrête (my work contract) in the mail from France and paying a visit to the French consulate in Chicago to apply for my visa, I’m finally getting ready to go.  I’m officially contracted to work as a language assistant for a primary school – école élémentaire – in a little town called Panazol, just outside of Limoges proper, which is where I’ll be living! 

However, I’ve been getting more and more nervous about it.  I’m self-conscious about my French-speaking abilities – what if my French isn’t good enough?? – and I’ve never taken any education classes or anything.  Well, I don’t know if either of you ever watch Gilmore Girls at all, but I’ve been re-watching the seasons that I own throughout the summer, and I just recently saw the episode in which Rory encounters the Life-and-Death-Brigade secret society at Yale.  The society’s motto appears to be “In Omnia Paratus” = Ready for anything.  Prepared for all things.  Anyways, I loved it.  A fantastic Latin phrase – and an attitude that I’m now trying to adopt regarding the work and adventures to come! 🙂

Love you both!!  More soon 🙂

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